Small Business Incentive

I sponsored the Small Employer Incentive Act of 2005 (HB431) which changes the calculation for qualification, which would allow more small businesses to qualify.  What this bill does, and what we must continue to do, is create a system that helps small businesses grow and provide good jobs.

Eminent Domain
I worked on, and supported HB525 which amends Idaho’s Local Land Use Planning Act.  It protects pre-existing property rights and future development from a condemning authority.  Property owners must have land protected from government, and never have the fear that it can be taken away.
Personal Property Tax Elimination
I worked hard to help pass HB599 giving tax relief to Idaho businesses, the very businesses that fuel our local economy.  This bill as amended eliminates the first $100,000 from personal property taxes.  It also has a 5% budget growth mechanism that will ensure the tax break is allowed only if our state budget has the money.  We must provide our businesses with incentives to allow them to grow, provide good wages for employees and build our local economy.
I voted to provide funding for better and safer roads and highways through GARVEE bonding authority in HB657.  This bill would provide $134 million dollars to improve our Treasure Valley roads and interstate, and make this improvement before costs continue to increase for materials, fuel and labor.
Air Quality
I voted to improve our air quality by supporting HB586, which provides for a vehicle inspection and maintenance program.  I felt that is was important to protect the Treasure Valley’s air quality and keep our valley clean.  HB586 provides exemptions to farmers and heavy machinery.
Education Appropriations
The education is one of the most important issues in the state.  Our children’s education and growth in our schools is a duty that I take very seriously.  I voted for HB669 which provided an increase in beginning teacher salary, keeping our best and brightest teachers in the classroom which in turn provides our children with the best education possible.  We have a real opportunity in Idaho to provide the best education to our children with our teachers, technology, school safety and adequate facilities.  I also supported S1235 increasing the amount of dollars flowing directly to our classrooms for up to date and relevant materials and supplies.
Grocery Tax Credit
Idahoans being able to buy food for their families is critical.  No Idaho family member should ever go without a meal because of government tax.  We are seeing an increase in the price of food, and we took the steps this legislative session to provide tax relief from sales tax on that food.  I supported HB588 which provides a tax credit, up to $100 to offset sales tax on qualified food.  This is very important, and I feel that we took the correct and necessary steps to give Idahoans a tax break at the grocery store and to keep money in their pocket.
Rural Incentives
Property taxes have been an issue for years, and have been an increasing burden the past few years.  That is why I supported the property tax exemptions in HB550 which would allow county commissioners the ability to grant property tax exemptions for business development in designated rural areas which could demonstrate economic benefit and create new jobs.



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