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Meet Mike

My name is Mike Moyle, I am an Idaho Native, Husband, Father of 5, and Grandfather of 8. The great state of Idaho is my home as well as most of my children and grandchildren's home. Some of the many things I love about this state are the agriculture, outdoors, and opportunity we have for our posterity. 

As a politician my number one concern is my constituents. Unlike many I try to read every email,  make a huge effort to take every phone call, and listen to every person who wants to be heard. I care about the process, I care about your money going back to you, and I care about  the future or our state. Why? Because I want this state to remain great. Not just for me, but for everyone in my district, my kids, my grandchildren and all who came to this state to seek refuge from over ruling government policies

Our federal climate risks certain rights we have as a State government and I plan to keep those rights sacred. Hyperinflation threatens our dollar and  I plan to  put every penny back into your pockets that I can through tax cuts. Our children and schools are under attack and I will  do everything in my power to keep our children's education appropriate and where it needs to be. 

As Idahoans we stand together and fight for what's right. I am here to stand for you, to listen to you and understand what needs to be changed to help everyone in our district and state have a better quality of life here. 




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