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The Issues At Hand

Keeping Idaho Great

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More money should be kept in your pocket

Your hard earned money deserves to be in your pocket. I will fight to bring even more tax cuts to the state of Idaho. Specifically focusing on property and income taxes. 


Accountability in spending and appropriate curriculum

As a father of  five and grandfather of eight (who attended and attend public school), I recognize that and excellent education system benefits our families and communities. I will work to provide choice in education and focus on ensuring our education dollars are spent with accountability.

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We need to protect our farms and businesses

As a farmer and small businessman, I work hard to support Idaho’s agricultural interests and business efforts. I want to keep farms running and small businesses booming.  Cutting income taxes, property taxes, and business taxes are one of the biggest ways to help not only farmers but every person in Idaho.

State Sovereignty 

Idaho needs to stay out of the hands of the Federal Government

With an increasingly corrupt federal government I will fight to keep the state of Idaho a sovereign state, free from federal government control. Our founding fathers created this country with state sovereignty and I intend to keep it that way. Balance of powers is extremely important in maintaining our great republic. 

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